Who We Are

Who We Are

Falcata Container Corp. is devoted to food packaging material. By using thin wood chip, we created a new type of material not only for making food container, but also for various kinds of packaging in many industries. In addition to absolute Eco-friendly, it could also increase the value of product by using our wooden container.


Our Goal

Based on the belief and insistence on environment protection, product researched and developed by Falcata significantly improved living quality of human, and could be decomposed naturally after buried under soil to save huge social cost.


The goal of the Falcata Container Corp. is to facilitate large amount of plantation, improve air quality on earth, and create incomparable economic benefits.


Through the promotion of environmental product is the best way to educate our next generation.


This is who we are, how we think and what we are going to do.


Our Future

To establish an environmental world for our generation, it is our central idea for all employees to develop products that can benefit the welfare of human life. We are eager to promote green products and support environment protection.