The single chip lathed from Poplar wood species can solve the problems of easy breakage, powder and mold by special treatment. It can be processed and do mass production like paper. The special treated single chip is water and oil proof, and could shape differently such as square, round, oval and octangle just like plastic. Furthermore, it can do any color printing with different design as in paper product. Those above features combine together can create an excellent wooden packing material and increase product value. Good water absorption and humidity resistance can be used to steam cook, microwave heating and rapid frozen (available from-30°C-220°C). The simple design saves space and can be stacked easily. Because it contains none harmful substance, it could be treated as common flammable garbage after use.


Cost advantage:

Based on large scale of cultivation and unlimited supply, it is feasible to make mass production by using efficient production line and can lower the cost, which is cheaper than other synthetic product. Compared to traditional wooden box, our new technique is more cost-efficient and can save transportation cost.


Our factory meets the highest standard in food industry without any pollution during the manufacturing process.


The timber off-cut from procedure will be collected by assigned company and won’t cause any waste.