1. Factories that produce the natural wood sheets are located near the plantations. The wood is processed as follows below:

Chop White Poplar trees into logs → Strip the bark→ Cut into sheets of 1 to 3 mm thickness with a rotary lathe→ Boil the sheets→ Dry the sheets→ Cut into smaller sheets→ Inspect and pack into bundles of 100 sheets.




2. Producing the wood sheets is a completely renewable process. Wood scrap can be used as fuel for the steam boiler, and the heat produced by the boiler can be used in the drying process. The water left over from the boiling process is then used to irrigate the tree plantations and help grow the next crop of trees


Making the final Product

Each sheet of wood is wrapped with glassine paper on top and bottom, which are then cut into in smaller pieces. The sheets are then molded into their final shape (different for each product line), assembled, and then packaged for sale.