Our new invention makes special treatment on both sides of nature chip by covering semi-transparent glassine paper for food standard (Patent No. M245057 in R.O.C., Title: multi-layer chip structure, applies to produce food container).


1. It is water and oil proof, and can overcome the problem of powder from wood surface. It also solved the nature problem of wood chip, easy to crack, and get moldy.  


2. This new type of material could be processed as easy as paper and could be made to any required shape by using cutting machine.


3. Furthermore, it is sturdier than paper and could have different tactility that paper could not have. It is also easy to print on the surface.


This revolution of packing material in the packing material industry won a new patent No. of M245180 (DIY of fold flat) for wooden gift box structure and new patent No. of M257670.