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Our product will naturally biodegrade on the earth.


We use natural non-toxic ingredient for all of our products.


The natural wooden texture makes your products better than others.


Based on economical planting trees, we can continuously do production without harming the environment.  

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Each box is made from sheets of natural wood from White Poplar (also known as Leuce) trees, cut to a thickness of 1 to 3 milimeters by a Rotary Veneer Lathe. White poplar trees can grow from 25 to 30 centimeters in diameter and as tall as 10 to 15 meters in only five years. They can be planted as low as sea level, or as high as 500 meters, and every part of the plant can be used, leaving little to no waste. Additionally, because poplar trees grow quickly, they can convert large amounts of CO2 into oxygen, improving the Earth’s air quality. 


From construction, to containers, to furniture and more, poplar wood has been used in a wide variety of applications worldwide for over three decades. It is widely acknowledged as the most environmentally friendly packing material.




1. Factories that produce the natural wood sheets are located near the plantations. The wood is processed as follows below:

Chop White Poplar trees into logs → Strip the bark→ Cut into sheets of 1 to 3 mm thickness with a rotary lathe→ Boil the sheets→ Dry the sheets→ Cut into smaller sheets→ Inspect and pack into bundles of 100 sheets.



2. Producing the wood sheets is a completely renewable process. Wood scrap can be used as fuel for the steam boiler, and the heat produced by the boiler can be used in the drying process. The water left over from the boiling process is then used to irrigate the tree plantations and help grow the next crop of trees


Making the final Product

Each sheet of wood is wrapped with glassine paper on top and bottom, which are then cut into in smaller pieces. The sheets are then molded into their final shape (different for each product line), assembled, and then packaged for sale.



Our new invention makes special treatment on both sides of nature chip by covering semi-transparent glassine paper for food standard (Patent No. M245057 in R.O.C., Title: multi-layer chip structure, applies to produce food container).

1. It is water and oil proof, and can overcome the problem of powder from wood surface. It also solved the nature problem of wood chip, easy to crack, and get moldy.  


2. This new type of material could be processed as easy as paper and could be made to any required shape by using cutting machine.


3. Furthermore, it is sturdier than paper and could have different tactility that paper could not have. It is also easy to print on the surface.


This revolution of packing material in the packing material industry won a new patent No. of M245180 (DIY of fold flat) for wooden gift box structure and new patent No. of M257670.













Why is the price so cheap compared to other wooden products?

Our products can be folded or stacked up, so we save a lot of warehouse costs or transportation cost, which benefits our clients and the end users. Also, due to the image of Eco-friendly, it can create more values and reputation of the business.

Is ther any limitation of the shape for our products?
According to our unique curve processing technology, our container has overcome the restriction of wood nature and could create more possibilities. For example, we have invented square, rectangle, oval, and other diffierent kinds of customerized products, which has abundant uses in various industries.
Is it safe for food container?
All of our products are wrapped of rice paper and go through UV sterilization process before packaging. We have also passed SGS test and make sure that there is no harmful material inside. It is our responsibility to proive you green, nature, and safe containers.  
Why our products can be eco-fridendly by using many trees?

All of our products are made by poplar wood, which is an economical planting in Asia. These type of trees can be grown like corps easily and fast, so we can continuously use it without harming the environment. We also give local farmers an incentive to grow more trees by making a virtuous cycle, which means we can reduce more CO2 and produce more O2 to our world.  

Is our product more environmental than paper?

Our products are made directly from natual wood. Of course, there is some consumption during the manufacturing. Usually, 1000 Kg of wood can make 7~800 Kg of wood box. However, for the paper box, only 50% of the wood can be made for paper pulp and only half of paper pulp can become paper. Then, how much paper material do we need to cost to produce paper boxes? Not mentioned, the energy we used for the whole process. So, simple is environmental.